NRC's 2010-2011:  Reppie Alumni Newsletter

 David Agress and Roni (Gallion) send greetings to all the ancient UNR alum who are still able to remember the '70's.  “From our rocking chairs in Connecticut, where we reside with our beautiful daughter Molly, we recall the years of fun with Buffalo Bob Dillard (such as being detained by the campus police at 2AM for dancing suspiciously while wearing our Chi-Chi hats on the theatre loading-dock) as the best times of our lives.  To those not even born when we left Reno, we encourage you to take advantage of your time there.  You'll look back with joy.”


Emily Anderson
This just in from Emily Anderson:  “Okay, Well, since graduating, I have had a lot of changes:  I had brain surgery like a super villain, but unfortunately don't have an awesome head scar, so all fun nicknames have gone out of the window.  I don't even have a super evil secret  lair.  But, I've gotten over it.  I moved to Las Vegas and have started taking some classes in the UNLV film department.  Thanks  to my theatre training, I have gotten a lot of jobs doing makeup on sets.  I won best-makeup artist at the UNLV Spring Flicks Film Festival.  It’s pretty cool.  I have a mini-Oscar statue now.  I also was asked by one of my professors to write for him this summer.  He wants to produce some webisodes, so, hopefully the whole writing avenue will produce some more opportunities.  Currently, I am working at the Rainbow Children's Theatre Company.  I help the children construct costumes and sets.  I also mentor some of the kids in their theatre classes.  Currently, I am trying to start up my own theatre production company in Vegas.  We are in the process of renting out spaces and getting some scripts together.  I really want to feature local playwrights and actors.  Sort of an undertone to the whole razzle-dazzle of the city.  So all in all, I'm taking things in stride, and trying to uphold my badass status.  Haha.”

  Chip and Evie Arnold send greetings from Fernley, Nevada “No wild adventures (except our grandchildren!!) or juicy gossip at this end. We keep busy with our jobs and working around the house. We do hope to do a lot of camping this year.  We are so close to Pyramid Lake and LaHonton. Hope all is well with all. Peace.

Eileen Beck  says “I am still working full-time at Peace Harbor Hospital as a certified medical coder.  I am no longer doing shows in any capacity with the Last Resort Players here in Florence, although I am still a member.  I retired from the board in January when my term as president was up.  It was an exciting and rewarding year with "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" for the children's production, a sell-out production of the female version of "The Odd Couple" for the summer comedy and "Into the Woods" for the fall musical." I have thoroughly enjoyed all the performing, directing, and other work I've been able to do for the past twelve years with LRP.  At this time, however, the only performing I am doing is singing with the Community Chorus and in our church choir.  My life took a very big turn last year, and I am now pursuing a new calling that will definitely benefit from my past experience in theatre.  I am currently going to school in pursuit of a Masters Degree in Divinity, and hope to become a minister in the United Methodist Church.  So far so good.  I travel to Salem on the weekends to attend classes.  The most difficult thing I'm now facing is having to write my own script!!  It's a challenge, but a very fascinating one.  I'm sure I will be involved in theatre sometime in the future.  I just don't have time for the shows right now between working full-time and going to school half-time.  I look forward to hearing what the rest of you folks are doing in your lives, especially those who worked with me in UNR shows in the gulp mid 1970s.  It HAS been a long time!  Keep playing”


Duane & Jim
  “It was so wonderful seeing many of you at the Nevada Rep reunion last May.” says Jim Bernardi “Time has been so kind to all of you.  The highpoint of last summer for Duane and me was the wedding of my daughter Amy in a lovely, scenic location just outside of Portland.  She is the last of my kids to get hitched.  We are very happy for her and her husband Michael.  After the wedding Duane and I headed north for more reunion fun with the many Reppie alums who live in the Seattle area.  Art Anderson hosted a wonderful dinner party that included Marcus Wolland, Tim Glynn, Sean O’Bannon, Deanna Duncan-Schneider, and Mike Warner among others.  I was most interested in seeing how each of these individuals had managed to keep active in theatre despite their need to earn a living in some other field.  After Seattle, Duane and I travelled to Vancouver and the Oregon coast.  It was a restful conclusion to a busy couple of weeks.  Phil Boardman and I had decided to end the annual London tours after 2007-2008.  The program had gone on for 31 years; it was time for a break and to let someone else take over what has been an incredibly rewarding venture.  Instead Phil and his wife Kathy and Duane and I decide that we four would do something that was just the opposite of going to London.  So we headed in the other direction: Duane and I spent five days in Sydney, Australia before meeting Phil and Kathy for an eleven day excursion around New Zealand.  It was an amazing adventure, and we hope to be able to go back sometime when we have more time to explore.  With the economy on the downturn we don’t plan to spend any more money on travel this summer.  If you are in town, stop by for a barbecue.”


Dan Biewener
  Since January of 2008, Dan Biewener  has been day-jobbing as the Vice President of Marketing for a senior care company with 50 offices in the US and Canada. “Still living in my charming but tiny 1000 sq. foot house in San Francisco. Last December I was asked to be lead vocalist for Titans, a new industrial/futurepop band in Sweden, with whom I’ve been collaborating thanks to the Interweb. Meanwhile, I’m also working on finishing my own album for my solo project, Spirit of the Staircase, Every Spring since 2005, I have been traveling to Germany to attend music festivals in Leipzig, Berlin, Frankfurt or Dresden. Lately I’m also really involved in the Bay Area “Steampunk” scene, a fashion/music/craft/literature/event oriented community based on a speculative-fiction fantasy genre that combines late 19th century aesthetics with modern or future technology. Think “Jules Vern.” Still flying airplanes, when time permits, and helping raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in San Francisco (I was their #3 top fundraiser last year).”