NRC's 2010-2011:  Reppie Alumni Newsletter


Jerry Reinhardt
  Jerry Reinhardt sends his sincere apologies for missing the reunion last year.  “I was preoccupied on a symphony orchestra tour with Burt Bacharach.  (I love playing the Sydney Opera House.)  Well I thought I should let you know that my journey through life has taken me full circle and I am back in Academic Theatre.  I have recently been appointed as a senior lecturer and head of the lighting department for the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) at Edith Cowan University here in Perth.  I must confess it is refreshing to see youthful enthusiasm instead of the jaded cynicism which I constantly battled in the world of rock & roll.  WAAPA is a great place, the students here have to audition to get in and they are all here because they want to be.  Consequently the work ethic and standards are quite high.  Hugh Jackman and Heath Ledger graduated from WAAPA and our percentage of graduates working in the industry is extraordinary.  I am still very happy here in the Land of Oz and my wife and two sons are the best.”

  Katy Shelor is working as an Associate Producer at Escalate TV. “We produce game shows and alternative programming. After a grueling development process and a big presentation today, we got greenlit for a pilot of one of our new shows! Very exciting.  On the other end of the entertainment spectrum, I am still performing as a magician's assistant. I will be performing for a week in May in the Palace of Mystery Theatre at the Magic Castle in Hollywood and performed the opening magic illusion with Neil Patrick Harris at this years World Magic Awards. It first aired on Thanksgiving weekend but I still see it on every once in a while.  I had a lovely time at last years Nevada Rep Reunion and would love to play a part in keeping the Southern California Alums connected. I know there are a few of us out here!  That reminds me, I ran into Kris Walleck not too long ago and was happy to find out that she is happily married and is teaching history at Hollywood High School.  Best!”

  Mark Shulman is waiting tables at the Roundabout Bistro at the second roundabout in Somerset each Tues, Thurs, and Sat evening beginning at 5pm and Sun brunch 9-1pm.  Velea Shulman is doing massage at her studio "body language" and also working at massage envy south by The Home Depot on South Virginia.  Aaron is working around town, Bend, OR, and in Boise as "dj jazzy gems."  He also sells pro audio equipment at planet dj, so if you know of anyone needing equip. let me know. They sell lights, mics and all things audio.  Everything is going well and I hope you and some friends will come in for some good dinner years . Colin Smith is the chef owner and does a great job.  The prices are very reasonable and you know how great the service is!


John Simpson
  John Simpson is still plugging away at Universal Studios Hollywood in the Consumer Insights Department while continuing to work in television and film (in mostly background roles).  In December & January, I was lucky enough to work Additional Photography on the Disney feature G-FORCE as the stand-in and photo double for comedian Zach Galifianakis for nine days which gave me eligibility to join the Screen Actors Guild; however, the money to join has yet to come into my hands.  I also have been enjoying hanging with my fellow So.Cal-relocated Reppies (including roommates Mandy Ralls & Daryl Newman).


The Ward Family
  After winning a Reppie at the 35th anniversary for longest theatre started marriage/romance, David Ward is running for Reno city council.  This is the definition of “shameless self promotion”.  David is also an owner of E Media Ad Group.  Shannon (King) Ward , on the other hand, is doing meaningful work as a special-ed administrator for Washoe County School District, specializing in early childhood.  Our daughter, Amanda, another former UNR actor, just completed her first two years of med school.