NRC's 2010-2011:  Reppie Alumni Newsletter

 From Joannie:

“I had a wonderful time at the reunion last year.  It was a memorable evening.  I regret that I didn't find time on that busy night to say thanks to some very special people who worked their tails off so permit me to do so here.  

BOB and CATHY GABRIELLI - Thank you for collaborating on the song, coordinating hotel rooms, helping to set up the party room and cleaning up the next day when I was too tired to move.  

BRUCE GOFF - Thanks for your ideas and for providing the airline ticket for Tom Prewitt so he didn't have to make the difficult drive. 

JAN MAHOOD, GREGG STOKES, BILL WARE, ART ANDERSON and BRENDA BECK - Thank you for all your wonderful ideas, support and help.  

BARBARA HANCOCK ANDERSON and COURTNEY CURRY RUNDELL: - Thank you for the long hours you put in on a stellar show and awards presentation.  The writing was spot on and you captured the essence of what it means to be a Reppie (and I love my award!)  

CAMI THOMPSON LENAU - Girlfriend, you outdid yourself.  The room was absolutely beautiful and your song was brilliant.  

MIKE FERNBACH - Thank you for everything you did to make the evening perfect from ideas, to lights, to sound, to hours producing the slide show, to being our liason with the University and setting up the Sunday activity in the Quad.  I love ya Mikey!  

BOB DILLARD:  Thank you for not running from the room screaming when we made our presentation to you.  

JIM BERNARDI:  Thank you for the great show and for coordinating the event.  It meant a lot to all of us and you totally appreciated the meaning of the evening.  

Thank you BARBARA MANNING and all you singers who showed up for rehearsals and sounded so amazing.  

Last, but not least, thank you SARAH POTTS for being our student committee liason (I love my mugs!) and for bravely taking on the daunting job of producing this newsletter and taking it to the next level.  You are awesome.