NRC's 2010-2011:  Reppie Alumni Newsletter


Rob Gander
 One of the perks of being the chair of the Speech Communication and Theatre Department is that I get to preview the contents of the Reppie Newsletter.  It’s inspiring to read the accomplishments of so many Reppies and serves as a good reminder of the importance of the Nevada Repertory Company.  I’d like to thank Joan Hathaway, previous editor, and Sarah Potts, our new editor for all their hard work.  The change of editors is one of many taking place in and around the department.

I’m just finishing my first year as the chair of Speech Communication and Theatre.  To my knowledge it’s the first time a member of the theatre division has served as chair of the department.  It’s a difficult job but rewarding.

As of July 1, 2010 the department of Speech Communication and Theatre will undergo a significant change.  The Speech Communication portion of our program will leave the School of the Arts and join the school of Social Research and Justice Studies under the new name Communication Studies.  The theatre division will join with dance (currently a part of the music department) to become the Department of Theatre and Dance.

This fall, Dr. James Bernardi will teach his last semester of classes before he begins what I’m certain will be a fun-filled and enjoyable retirement.  This event is made all the more powerful because it follows so closely on the heels of Dr. Bob Dillard’s retirement just last year.  Each has left an indelible legacy with generations of students.  Those of us who continue have big shoes to fill.

And so we are transitioning on several fronts.

Our affiliation with the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival has begun its second year.  Henry Woronicz (formerly of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival) is the new Artistic Director with LTSF and he has brought a new level of professionalism to the company.  University of Nevada, Reno students are interning on the shores of Sand Harbor with professional actors, designers, and technicians.

In February of 2009 we will host the Kennedy Center-American College Theatre Festival for Region VII.  The festival will bring the best college productions from the northwest region to Reno, NV for consideration on inclusion at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC.  Some of you may recall that in 1981 a Nevada Repertory Company production of Private Life of the Master Race traveled to the nation’s capital and performed at the festival.  ….So, maybe things aren’t all that different after all… The University of Nevada, Reno and the Nevada Repertory Company will change, adapt, develop, and grow  in the coming years.  We’ll do so by building on the long history of successes achieved by former staff, faculty, and Reppies.

Many thanks for your continued support.