NRC's 2010-2011:  Reppie Alumni Newsletter

  David Charlet spent this past winter and summer like many in his past, out in the desert and mountains of Nevada collecting plants and making a vegetation map.  “This time I was working in the Red Rock National Conservation Area, just west of Las Vegas.  The work was hard and the experience divine.  Unfortunately, two days after field work was completed, my house burned down.  Since then, I have lived in 3 hotels and now am in a modest apartment near the rubble of my old house.  However, the rebuilding is proceeding and it should be better than ever when we are done.  Move in date is scheduled for 9 March.  In the meantime, I have another big vegetation project in the works.  As a result of the Reppie Reunion this year, I have reconnected with Jim Grifall, at least via email, and we look forward to seeing one another soon, now that we know we have lived in the same town for the past 12 years!  Thanks everyone!”


Chad & Paige
  Chad and Paige Clarno have been living in Vegas for about 5 years now.  Chad is the Creative Director for Front of House for Cirque Du Soliel's Ka at MGM Grand.  I'm working at AEG Live, in the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.  I do their Box Office Accounting, and I get to hear Cher and Bette Midler practicing from my office, which is very cool.  We are saving up with a move to LA to get a masters and get back into Theatre!


Kevin Craik’s realized set for NRC Spring ’09
  22 years ago Kevin J. Craik was honored to design the first production in the Studio Theatre which was Follies. This year he has returned to design Metamophoses which is being directed by Dr. Bernardi. “How much it all seems the same even with different students and staff.  There is a sense of "home" walking through the halls and across the boards again. Its a good feeling.  Real life has seen several events in the past year.  Our second grandson, Drake was born in July 2008.  Our first grandson, Samuel who suffered a stroke at birth, spent several weeks at UCLA Medical where he underwent a successful Hemisperectomy.  Since that time, his epileptic seizures have stopped and he is finally getting along with the life challenge of learning. For those who remember my mom, we celebrated her 80th birthday and she vows to have 40 more.  For the near future, Lois and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary in July and we look to have at least 25 more.  Until next time, Safe Journeys.”


Patrick Donahue
  Shortly after graduating, Patrick Donahue made his way down to the LA area where he has lived for almost five months (as of mid-November).  “I'm in Burbank, CA with my roomie (and former NV Rep performer) Joshua Jessup.  I've had a great bout of luck so far and have been able to gain SAG eligibility in a short amount of time (and my papers to join are in the process of review).  I've gotten to work on many movie and TV sets with many different stars, worked in some student projects, and can be seen somewhat frequently on the show "Greek".  I've met a ton of cool people, in addition to a number of horribly cynical and jaded ones too, but overall the experience in California has been wonderful so far.  There are a number of NV Rep Alums down here, so it's fun to watch each other's career progression.  Ultimately, slowly but surely I'm climbing the acting in film ladder.  Hopefully by the next major Alum Newsletter, you'll all know who I am without a description :)  Hope all you Reppies are doing great!  I miss all of you from my generation a ton!  Best of luck to everyone! :D  You can look me up on MySpace and Facebook if you'd like to keep in touch.  Hope to see many of you in the near future!”

  Deana Duncan is in the midst of producing and performing in an original comedy, "Franklin and Figaro."  She has applied for graduate school for a masters in Non-Profit Leadership and will be performing and producing for a third time at the International Mystery Writers Festival in Kentucky this summer.  her youngest son, Nicholas turns 14 in a few days and she just had a birthday as well. “Time is flying.  If you're anywhere near Seattle this summer, please come by, I'd love to show off the theatre and the little house by the sea.  Hugs to all!”
  Erika Frank is working on finishing up her first year of medical school, which has left her very little time for wild adventures or juicy gossip of any kind, mostly she’s just looking forward to summer.