NRC's 2010-2011:  Reppie Alumni Newsletter


Wrigley the dog
 After almost 13 years together, Lindsay Lightfoot and Robert lost their beloved Dalmatians, Emmy and Pete, in February and June of 2008.  “As many of you know, Pete was ring-bearer at our wedding and Emmy was a rescue animal who came to us a few years later.  They were our constant companions and we miss them daily.  They are still around, however, and were acting as our angels when a lost dog found himself in our yard one day in October.  Although we instantly fell in love with him, the dog had tags and we called the owners to pick him up.  When the dog's young master came for him, Lindsay jokingly stated that we would take him if they ever decided to give him up.  In November, right before Thanksgiving, a knock came to the door.  There stood the boy, asking if we were serious, as the dog was being abused and needed a new home.  The following day, Wrigley came and joined our family.  We are blessed.”


Heather Marvel
  Heather Marvel (melchior) gives a quick blurb about her year, although a lot has happened… “Only thing up with me is divorcing Eric Cadwell (fellow Reppie)... getting married for real... and having a baby... also I adopted two beautiful kittens Ha Ha!” 

  Bruce Matley is from before the time somebody started using the rather unattractive descriptor "reppie", but here he is.  “I was in the department between 1966-1970: 8 theatre majors then.  I was a sophomore when Dr. Dillard arrived; David Combs was a year behind me; later I served as tech director at the time Jim Bernardi arrived to teach. (Dr. B predates even me as a student).  If interested, you may most conveniently learn what life is like for me now, in a branch of the entertainment industry rather removed from the theatre.  You never know where things will take you, in my case, right back to the beginning.  Here's the link: there's lots of stuff there.  Look around.  All the best.”


Christine O'Donnell
  “Hello Reppies!!!!!! I hope everyone is in good health and spirits!!! This past year has been a very busy and adventurous year.” Chode (a.k.a Christine O'Donnell) got promoted at Bank of America and her new position as a corporate instructor has her traveling literally all over the globe. “Which is great except for the fact that I had to miss the reunion this past year (boo...) due to my schedule at the last moment. One of the more interesting places I was sent to was New Delhi, India. I can only describe the experience as one of "awe".  The people are absolutely wonderful - polite, accommodating - they could not do enough for you. The food is spicy but tasty and the history is amazing. The thing that breaks my heart is the abject poverty that permeates the whole country. Everyday when we were driven to and from our work site - you saw shanty towns, half starved/half clothed children, families living out of burnt out shacks, people going through trash piles - It was eye opening. I hope for nothing for the best for India and her people - I do believe that if this new generation coming up stays on their current track - they will be prosperous in the years to come.  The other big milestone I had this year is that I finally purchased my first home (hence the address change). If you get tried of the cold this winter and are in need of a little sunshine and R&R - please look me up if you should be in the Phoenix area - we'll leave a light on for ya!  I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday Season and OBAMA/BIDEN 08!!!!!  I am disinclined to vote for the Presidential Nominee that has been endorsed by the WORST PRESIDENT EVER.”

  Since graduating last May, I, Sarah Potts moved to Los Angeles.  For the first few weeks, I crashed on Mandy and John’s couch in Burbank while doing extra work.  By August, I moved into my current apartment in Culver City , which I share with Blake Hogen (fellow reppie).  Since arriving I have worked with E! Entertainment & Dick Clark Productions.  In October, I began an internship with Bold Films.  They have received most their notoriety for the 2006 Best Picture nominated film BOBBY set the day of Bobby Kennedy’s assassination.  In December, I was hired full-time at Bold and am thankfully still employed as the executive assistant to the co-president of the company.  I work long hours and read scripts on weekends, but I shouldn't complain.  I’m learning tons about “the biz.”  Also, this city is pretty fun; with Disneyland, great restaurants, hiking, and the beach...although admittedly I spend most of my free time lounging in the apartment with my cat. 


Mandy Ralls
  Mandy Ralls is currently in LA: “I love it! I work full time as a Commercial Breakdown Writer for Breakdown Services. In a nutshell, I assist and publish casting notices for commercials, theatre, short films, reality projects, etc. (anything that isn't a feature film or episodic). In my free time I have been fortunate to work as a Casting Assistant on a couple of feature films and a new TV Pilot. And I just got my 1st 2 casting credits on my IMDB!  Loves it!”